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Space Wars

from by The Horde

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Music and Lyrics // Ho-Tom the Conqueror
Lyrics // Amine MC


This spaceship's starting to shake
The walls all rumble and quake
It's aliens, man

Our beacon they've ignored
Now they've come to settle the score
It's aliens, man

We flew to sector 12
Where no one wants to delve
It's aliens, man

They're such a sight to see
Two heads and razor teeth
It's aliens, man


Now they've come and breached the ship
Arm ourselves up to the hip
Get those aliens, man!

The laser fire is ringing loud
But we'll hold our positions proud
Get those aliens, man!

The crew are dropping like flies
Can't hit those glowing eyese
It's those aliens, man!

The leader's got me now
Gonna use me for his chow
He's an alien, man!


Was it all a dream? Am I trippin'?
Pinch myself, I'm caught slippin'
Singin' at the side for the road
Folks, listen
In my mind, I'm on a mission
But as I open my eyes
I'm gonna cope with the lies
Brain fried, a bit hurt
What's the time?
I've been lookin' at my watch
For the last five minutes
Spacin' it out
Like I blazed five phillies
Could've sworn
That I was runnin' from The Horde
I'm a bit lost
As if the dream was a bit thorn
Between reality and fiction the bit call
Contrast is a bitch and the bitch falls
Guess I'm kinda awake now
What is fake and what is takin' the piss how
Illusion and life for a sign
How vivid was the vision in my mind
It's a bit a weird
How the image an ET
With the keys to my thoughts
Shifted each gear
I won't repeat here
I saw some ill shit
Whatever y'all wanna preach
I'm a kill the beat here

Looks like it all was a dream
Nothing was quite as it seemed
My heart was beating fast as it can
It was those aliens, man

Get out of bed and turn on the light
Put away that fear and the fright
But now it's bright, what do I see?
It's an alien, man
And he's standing over me


Oh, my god! I'm being eaten by an alien!


from Fahuazhen 法华镇, released January 15, 2016



all rights reserved


The Horde Shanghai, China

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