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Consider Yourselves Conquered

by The Horde

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Kate the Krusher, Max, Paul Meredith, Brad Ferguson, B.O., Nichols, Moon Tyrant, Boys Climbing Ropes, Charlie Lanceplane, Rob
Ellis, Super Sophia, Ryan Shank, Sacco, Lenz, Rainbow Danger Club, Jake Newby, Egill Bjarki, Lars Jensen, Zuma, Johnny 1.0,
白羽, Estel and Dave, 刘健, Tom Pang, Dostav, Splitworks, Pairs, The Spondees, Friend or Foe, SH24/7, Yuyintang, HAL Literature,
Audrey Su Baird, Elody, Mache, Layabozi, Momo, Han Han, Gecko’s Bar, Andy Best, Sandy O’Reilly, Linda and Eddy, Uprooted
Sunshine Soundsystem, Asaph Leburn, Paul Collins, Sub-Culture, Global Times, Galen Crout, Pajama Josh, Monica Feng, Amber
Wu, Cruz Maria (mi amor), Lynn Ye, Ned Kelly, Sarah Fioriglio, Dan Hogan, Kate Benson, RBIS, Roots and Shoots and anyone who ever got conquered at one of our shows.

Photos by Egill Bjarki. In memory of Jeff Davis.



released March 1, 2013

The Horde

Ho-Tom the Conqueror / Vocals and Guitar
Fierce Franco / Vocals and Mandolin
George the Goliath / Harmonica
Johnny 2.0 / Cajon

Recorded at Fanfare by Max Primeau and DB Studios by Ryan Baird. Mixed by Ryan Baird and Seth Kearns at The 72 Studio and Tidal Sound Studios. Mastered by Ryan Baird and Adam Gaensler at Acoustic Sound.



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The Horde Shanghai, China

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Track Name: Shanghai Train
I dreamt that Shanghai was a train:
One that started in the muck and mire of marshes
Forged by the hands of quais-feral fishermen
Bending fishhooks into rails, burning fishnets for engine exhaust.

There was no originating station
The train began trudging as the tracks were laid
As paint was plied to the smokestacks
As the engineer learned to drive

But soon the train began to pick up steam
Flying forward faster and faster
Hounding the hodded millet makers
Disrupting the slumbering stonecutters
With the sound of its great steam whistle
Bellowing across the continent
As if to say:

I'm here! I'm here!
All aboard!
All aboard the Shanghai train!
Track Name: Once
A crowded bus ride
Fenders in the street
Spicy peppered chicken
Flags of flying colors
Palm trees and a cool ocean
Children riding on mopeds
Ferry rides, cool waters
Cold beer and new friends

And darkness had fallen
On a new island
On the back of a truck

This all happened once

Once upon a time
In a far off land
Life stood still
Feet in the sand

And boxing matches
Buckets of booze
Pools filled with girls
Once in a far off land
Track Name: Shakespeare's Coat
The coats are all coming down
On old big apple town
And all the lanes are froze
Wind always whips my nose
But I think it did it
All for you

I don't know what you'll think of me
After this tragedy
And all our fates our sewn
With all our passions grown
Running around the seams
Of our coats

And now that I'm all alone
Look at the coat I own
I'll take up poetry
And start a seamery
Running for the turns
Of Shakespeare's coat

If iambs came easily
Noodled so pleasantly
Sonnets would fall for you
Bundled with all words true
And you'd know the stitches
Of my coat

But they cut you right to the bone
Thimbleless all alone
Pouring your heart to me
Though I was blind to see
Peaking out from
My coat dear

And now I'm awake for days
Writing my passion plays
Looking at crossing stars
Wondering where you are
Sewing all the holes
In Shakespeare's coat

Now Juliet lies below
Calling her Romeo
And now Desdemona cries
Lost from Othello's eyes
Know that this coat
Is wearing thin

And now that I lay undressed
And I must half confess
That what you said before
Outside your cherry door
You would always
Be in love

And Captain Crunch lived right there
Nestled inside your hair
It was all falling down
Loving me all around
Tearing all the holes
In Shakespeare's Coat

"Let me not to marriage of [false] minds admit impediments
Love is not love where it alterations finds
Or bends with the remover to remove
Oh no, it is an ever fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is not shaken
It is a star to every wondering bark
Who's worth's unknown all though its height be taken
Love's not time's fool, though rosy cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come
Love alters not in its brief hours and weeks
But bears it even until the edge of doom
If this be error and upon me proved
I never writ, nor no man ever loved."
Track Name: The North
Dark times
Impressions left behind
Blank stares
Ill-favored feelings
Blankets smothering hopes and
Ideas shut out by guarded gates

And life is different there
A place in need of care
Be careful not to stare
The North could use your prayer

Red flags
Soldiers standing there
Of glorious leaders
Music meant to lift the mist
And smiles hiding histories of hate
Track Name: IKEA Love Song (Tables and Chairs)
If you love me at all
You don't have to call
Because I've got no phone
And I'm all alone (every night)

On my hard feet
On this broke down street
But I'd love you more
In the furniture store (topped against)

Tables and chairs
Sofas and home wares
And how happy we'd be
If you'd say to me

If you love me at all
You don't have to call
Because I told you so
That my answer is no

If you dare
And you want to show me you care
Then just get a job
So you won't have to rob

Tables and chairs...

Baby you know
How much I love you so
But there are things I won't do
As much as I love you

Get off this street
And put shoes on my feet
Would take the life out of me
And I'd feel stuck, you see
Just like all those

Tables and chairs...