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Fahuazhen 法华镇

by The Horde

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released January 15, 2016

Vox, Guitar // Ho-Tom the Conqueror
Vox, Mandolin // Fierce Franco
Harmonica, Vox, Melodica // George the Goliath
Cajon, Vox // Johnny 2.0
Keys // Nick Nasty

MC ("Space Wars") // Amine MC
Electric Guitar ("Space Wars") // Ryan Bearer of Skullz

Mixed and mastered by Nick Muzyczka
Sound enginnering by A-Ho and Ryan Baird
"Space Wars" mastered by Spencer Blair

Special Thanks: Galen Crout, Dennis Ming Nichols, Little Punk, Rob Ellis, Frau Ana, Morgan Short, Ryan Shank, Joyce Cai, Raph Valensi, Tina Blakeney and Margot Hamer

Cover Art: 蛐蛐 (Ququ)

If you ever came out to a Horde show, we love you. Hope to see you around Fahuazhen sometime.



all rights reserved


The Horde Shanghai, China

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Track Name: Blossom of the East
As a young man came to Shanghai
My fortune to be found
They said that life was wild there
There's riches all around

And when I came across the sea
We gathered for the feast
That's where I met my Meihua
The Blossom of the East

The time was full of rivals
And I defeated every one
Gunshots rang on the streets at night
Till the risin' of the sun

My heart grew cold. A hardened man,
I lived just like a beast
But never cold for Meihua
The Blossom of the East

Way down in churchyard shady grove
I held her body fair
Her thin pressed lips, her almond eyes
Her coal black trailing hair

We made our love in silence
So we wouldn't wake the priest
But my heart would cry for Meihua
The Blossom of the East

But soon the times began to change
(No! No!)
Revolution in the air
We foreigners all had to go
There was no stayin' there

And when I got upon that ship
My brow was solemn creased
For my crying Meihua
The Blossom of the East

I've lived my life so far away
Back home inside The West
I've lived my life a lonely man
On that I can attest

And though those days are long ago
My love has never ceased
For my lovely Meihua
My Blossom of the East
Track Name: Living on the Run
Sleazy expat voyeur,
You rouge rancid raconteur,
Away and alone so far away from your home,

No wife or friends,
Bad delirium tremens,
Nowhere, no-one to call your own,

Glassy-eyed gaze,
Your mind all in a haze,
The hours turn to days,
Because life is so much fun,

Living on the run.

With such delights,
We spend our nights,
Just a simple man, stuck down in his mind’s eye,

Drinking whisky galore,
Even now you’re old and poor,
Nowhere and no one to call your own,

The birds they fly,
Against the grain,
We never die,
And we stay the same,
But we be so insecure,

So self-assured.

The birds they fly,
Against the grain,
We never die,
And we stay the same,
But we be so insecure,

So self-assured.
Track Name: Dark Eyes
Hey there, Dark Eyes
Don't you cry
'Cause you know that
I'm by your side

And even if
I go away
Then just smile on
Because those eyes will stay
With me

Just like Homer's
You'll be my

And even if
I'm on a different shore
All those sirens
Can never lure
Me away

Some people are only one-eyed
See like cyclopses
Walk around with blinders on
Desire takes their knees
But not me
Dark eyes are all I see

So bring on the wtiches
And their brews
Because none of them
Enchant like you

Bring on the lotus
Bring on the storm
Because in your eyes
I"m always warm
Track Name: Peripheral Thought
He looked down at his gold watch
He couldn’t believe the time
If only he had remembered
Life was far from sublime

The air was crisp against his face
Rocks crumbled beneath his feet
He stumbled on a crooked path
Next time he’ll do it differently

The belief that time heals all wounds
Is only but a myth
One thing we should learn too soon
Is a little forgiveness

He tried to focus on the path
Counting cracks on his walk
Using past experiences
And peripheral thought

Car horns, traffic, and bus stops
Birds, bugs, children, and tree leaves
Are things he used to stop
And take his time

Take his time
Track Name: Spring Roll
My baby dances so nice and sweet
Pretty from her head down to her feet
I say baby let's take a stroll
I wanna show you my spring roll

My baby loves the Shanghai style
Shops Nanjing Street by the mile
Loves the skyline, loves the power
Especially likes my Pudong Tower

Do the spring roll
Do the spring roll

My baby don't always like what I say
Says she wannna take it all away
I saw baby, what you gonna take?
She says my little West Lake

Do the spring roll
Do the spring roll

My baby dances so nice and sweet
Pretty from her head down to her feet
I say baby what you want to do?
This little spring roll's for you
Track Name: Take A Step Back
Track Name: Prodigal Son
The lights of the city, man
They sure shine bright
When your brain's bogged down with beer

I lost my money, man
I lost my sight
And the things I hold so dear

It's Tuesday night
Shot clear of 1am
And the bars are moving slow

The rain is pourin
From where I don't know when
Oh man, I gotta go

I wanna see the sun across my shoes
As the bus begins to go
I wanna see the trees fall in tune
Along the dusty streets I know

I'm going home
I'm going home

It's been so long since I gone away
Would you still know my face?
I miss the birds, I miss the lake
Lord, I gotta get back to that place

I'm going home
I'm going home

I hear those bottles, man
I hear them calling, here them calling me

Come back to me
I'll never stop
Come back to me

And when I get up there upon that hill
I'll know I've made my way around
I'll get an urge and a sudden chill
At all them beautiful things I've found

I'm going home
I'm going home
Track Name: Town
His first stop in a small town
An old friend passed his word
Slow trains and snow covered ground
Thinking things had changed was just absurd

Over bridges and into castles
Frozen ponds where children have played
Clock towers have stood the ages
Unsure at first, he was happy he stayed

Almost in an instant, worlds collide
Track Name: Valentina Zhou
Dandelion flowers in your hair tonight
I met you there by the neon lights
With a smile so pretty it could burn for days
Bringing light to his foggy haze

Of this Shanghai land, with passions great
We had ourselves a dancing date
And when the crowd go up and it was time to go
Who knew that I'd kiss you there so slow

Valentina Zhou

You came out from Italy way
A land of love or so they say
In that Florence town you called your home
You brought the lights to the Duomo dome

And when the moonlight shone on Tuscan skies
You'd steal the light from Botticelli's eyes
Because Uffizi halls can never know
How your smile charms oh so slow

Valentina Zhou

Stop all your plans and stay right here
Don't catch that flight
Stop everything and run away with me
Come on make it right

And though the world will twist and turn
But still my dirty heart will burn
For those rooftop movies where we'd play
And how you might come back someday

To this Shanghai land of loving dreams
Wild promoters and business schemes
I'll sing this song to let you know
Next time round we won't go so slow

Valentina Zhou
Track Name: A Moment in the Moment
He heard his door creak
What he needed he took
He took nothing more on his walk
And he stopped a slow brook

He heard the distant cheer
A smile he did not break
He kept his gleam inside
All for his own sake

Target in sight
This is what they live for
A moment in the moment

The opponents drew near
And they shared a glance
With the upmost respect
They took their stance

His opponent had first shot
Shot middle, center ring
He was the favorite
Hero Han, Guo Jing
Track Name: Space Wars
This spaceship's starting to shake
The walls all rumble and quake
It's aliens, man

Our beacon they've ignored
Now they've come to settle the score
It's aliens, man

We flew to sector 12
Where no one wants to delve
It's aliens, man

They're such a sight to see
Two heads and razor teeth
It's aliens, man


Now they've come and breached the ship
Arm ourselves up to the hip
Get those aliens, man!

The laser fire is ringing loud
But we'll hold our positions proud
Get those aliens, man!

The crew are dropping like flies
Can't hit those glowing eyese
It's those aliens, man!

The leader's got me now
Gonna use me for his chow
He's an alien, man!


Was it all a dream? Am I trippin'?
Pinch myself, I'm caught slippin'
Singin' at the side for the road
Folks, listen
In my mind, I'm on a mission
But as I open my eyes
I'm gonna cope with the lies
Brain fried, a bit hurt
What's the time?
I've been lookin' at my watch
For the last five minutes
Spacin' it out
Like I blazed five phillies
Could've sworn
That I was runnin' from The Horde
I'm a bit lost
As if the dream was a bit thorn
Between reality and fiction the bit call
Contrast is a bitch and the bitch falls
Guess I'm kinda awake now
What is fake and what is takin' the piss how
Illusion and life for a sign
How vivid was the vision in my mind
It's a bit a weird
How the image an ET
With the keys to my thoughts
Shifted each gear
I won't repeat here
I saw some ill shit
Whatever y'all wanna preach
I'm a kill the beat here

Looks like it all was a dream
Nothing was quite as it seemed
My heart was beating fast as it can
It was those aliens, man

Get out of bed and turn on the light
Put away that fear and the fright
But now it's bright, what do I see?
It's an alien, man
And he's standing over me


Oh, my god! I'm being eaten by an alien!
Track Name: 我不知道为什么你的爸爸妈妈不喜欢我的爸爸妈妈 Babamama